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Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics Training Kit Office Ergonomics Training Kit

Ergonomics is the process of designing work areas to be user friendly, by using tools and equipment to reduce strain and/or repetitive motions and teaching employees proper work methods, correct posture and safe lifting techniques. This safety training program will discuss those work-related factors that may pose a risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and recommendations to alleviate them.

The Office Ergonomics Training Video (DVD or VHS) is 20 minutes and covers topics such as:

  • Symptoms of MSDs
  • Health Effects
  • Identifying Problems
  • Ways to Control or Reduce Hazards
  • Risk Factors and Controls
  • Training

The Office Ergonomics Training Kit Includes the 20 minute DVD or VHS and a CD-Rom containing:

  • Program Outline (English & Spanish)
  • Quiz (English & Spanish)
  • Answer Key
  • Certificate
  • Training Log / Sign-in Form
  • List of Site Specific Information
  • Wallet Card / ID Card
  • PowerPointâ„¢ Presentation (English & Spanish)
  • Manual

Item # ML-K12-016    $125.00

Office Ergonomics Booklet Office Ergonomics Booklet
Booklets are 16 pages in length with a quiz on the last page.

Item # ML-B12-016    $1.25