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DOT Hazmat Security Awareness

DOT Hazmat Security Awareness Kit DOT Hazmat Security Awareness Kit |

In an effort to fight terrorism and improve the security of hazardous materials being shipped, the Department of Transportation has added three major security requirements to their HAZMAT regulations. Companies that handle hazardous materials must develop a "Security Plan", and give their employees "Security Awareness" and "In-Depth Security" training.

The "DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness" video helps employers provide their employees with the security awareness portion of the DOT training.

The video is 13 minutes and addresses the major areas needed to comply with the standard, including:

  • The DOT's HAZMAT security requirements
  • Security risks associated with transporting hazardous materials
  • Methods that have been designed to enhance transportation security
  • How to recognize security risks
  • Responding to possible security threats

The Training Kit Includes the 13 minute DOT Hazmat General Awareness DVD or VHS with the following:

  • Trainer's Guide
  • 5 Posters
  • 30 Booklets
  • Reproducible Quiz & Answers
  • Reproducible Certificate
  • Attendance / Sign-In Form

Item # ML-K132    $329.00

DOT Hazmat Security Awareness DOT Hazmat Security Awareness |

DOT Hazmat Security Awareness Training Video is included with the kit above. Includes Video, Trainer's Guide, 1 Booklet, Attendance / Sign-In Form, Quiz and Certificate.

Item # ML-132    $229.00